Do You Have an Online Marketing Strategy?
Your Competition Does...

Comprehensive Marketing Plans Work

When you mention "online marketing campaigns", most business owners think of paid search campaigns. While that can be an effective means of generating leads and sales, it is just one online marketing tool and I some cases may not be an effective tool for a business.

It is our belief that EVERY business can benefit from an online presence but it is also our experience that EVERY business leaves money on the table when it comes to their online marketing plan.

Marketing is our focus and developing comprehensive marketing plans for our clients is our specialty. Effective online marketing is an ongoing process and there is no one plan that works for every business. Effective marketers develop a plan, implement it, measure the results, revise the plan and measure again. Plans must continually be reviewed and revised as the competition changes.

We treat each client's business and their marketing budget as if it were our own. We know that unless we produce results for our clients, they won't be our client for long and if we do produce results, well, they will be a long term client.

When we develop a marketing plan we start with an assessment of your site and the competition and we consider all of the following:

  • Site conversion tools
  • Ongoing search engine optimization
  • Paid search campaigns
  • Social media marketing
  • Effective use of landing pages

We can work with any of these tools individually but it is our experience that a comprehensive plan will yield the best results.

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