Get More Visitors from Organic Search

Top Organic Rankings Equal More Customers

While those searching the Internet may see paid search results at the top of the results page, it is a commonly known fact that those searching gravitate to the highly ranked organic options by a wide margin; as much as 94% of the time.

Paid search will get you clicks but a well-designed site with a comprehensive plan for optimizing it for the search engines will result in a lower cost per click.

High rankings start with the design of the site. While designing a site for the search engines is easier if done at the time when the site is developed, changes can be made to an existing site to improve its rankings. When we take on a client to improve their organic rankings, we start with a review of their current site, providing an assessment of the structural changes needed to improve the rankings.

We then identify the key word phrases associated with your business and test your current rankings. We have found this to usually be an eye opener for our clients.

We then develop a plan for improving rankings with the ultimate goal of achieving page one organic search rankings. Many people do not understand that getting high organic rankings cannot be achieved overnight nor can it be done with a finite campaign; it can only be done with the development of an ongoing plan.

Requires an Ongoing Commitment

Driving traffic to your site or landing pages will require a monthly marketing budget whether you choose to go the "paid search route", "search engine optimization", or any other path to increasing visitors to your site. If you are not interested in an ongoing commitment, then we don't recommend heading down the path of search engine optimization.

Normally we require our clients to commit to a minimum of a six (6) month budget.

What We Do

We will work with you to develop a budget that will start to move you up the rankings. The work required to do that requires skilled technicians who understand the tasks that will make a difference in your rankings. Our team has been heavily involved in SEO for over 10 years. Here are some of the tasks that the team will include in our plan:

  • Creation of direct links to relevant articles with automated spinning of the content and rotation of the links
  • Creation of high quality Web 2.0 properties on a strictly manual basis
  • Creation of Wiki links including educational links
  • Creation of Web 2.0 backlinks
  • Creation of high quality social bookmarks on a strictly manual basis
  • Posting of relevant blog comments
  • Creation of promotional video's using article and niche relevant images, sharing them with video sharing websites
  • Submission of your URL to a high number of directories
  • Creation of social media shares, tweets, retweets, likes, votes pins and repins
  • Creation of social network links and links to Web 2.0 properties

All our links are "drip fed" and "pinged" to make sure they are not disregarded by the search engines and they are active.

We benchmark your rankings prior to starting our campaigns and then show you each month how those rankings change. We constantly look at the competition and what needs to be done to continue to improve your rankings.

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