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Are you happy with the performance of your website? How many leads or sales did it generate last month?

Your website should be a moneymaker. It should be generating business but most sites function as an online brochure providing information to those that the you refer to the site.

Even if your site and your marketing efforts are resulting in some leads or sales, you may not be generating all that you could.

We provide a marketing assessment of your site and it will not cost you a penny. Our written reviews include an assessment of the following:

  • The look and feel of the site
  • Display in different devices
  • The navigation within the site
  • Conversion effectiveness of the site
  • Optimization of your site for search engines
  • Current organic search rankings

We also look at the competiveness of your sector and give you some input that could prove helpful in making decisions on online marketing campaigns.

We conclude our assessment with recommendations related to the site.

There is no obligation on your part but it has been our experience that we can help almost every business with the productivity of their site.

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