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There are any number of Companies that can execute a paid search or "pay-per-click" campaign for you. There is a much smaller number of companies that can combine click-through visitors with a plan on converting that visitor to a customer.

We are experienced in designing AND managing paid search campaigns with any of the search engines. We believe the most important part of this is not managing the paid search campaign but the design and development of the tools used to convert the "click" to a Lead, Customer, or a Sale. Again, anyone can buy clicks but the real effort is converting that click.

We are a full service development and marketing company and have extensive experience in the development of landing pages that have high conversion capability. Here are just a few examples of high conversion landing pages.

When you work with us, we do extensive research to come up with the key word phrases most used in the search engines and develop your campaigns around those. Our experienced marketing teams develop the ad copy that will attract the attention of your target market while creating landing pages that drive the visitor to action.

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